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The Watchers
by Crystal Luna

In the darkness you can feel them
Their eyes on your skin, your neck
You cannot see them but you KNOW they're there.
Watching you, every move you make

Sometimes when you're alone at night,
You think you can hear their breathing
And the beating of your heart,
Trying to escape your chest,
Becomes louder as you fear they can hear it
And they CAN

The shadows move, or so it seems,
You fear them, see them behind you,
Shadows, that they are, and nothing more.
A sigh of relief escapes your lips
As you close the door of your room, your home sweet home,
And there they live with you,
No one else but them

Every evening you return to your home
And the shadows there
Lie in your bed trying to sleep,
Trying to ignore them,
Living in the darkness,
Their eyes watching always
Never can you feel alone,
Yet more alone could you never be
Just you and the shadows,
Alone with eachother,
No one else is there

Can you hear them? Coming closer,
Closer than they've ever been
Frightened, are you? That you should,
For they have been watching long enough
But then the shadows fade to grey,
Like all shadows should

They left you at peace,
Or so you think
But wrong are you at that
They merely saw the child next door
And decided to feast on him instead

The next night you lie in your bed,
Listening to the silence you never heard before,
You sigh
Finally, the darkness is as dead as it should be

A single noise breaks the silence
And you jump up in fear
They have returned, you see,
And they watch no more

You run out of your home as quick as you possibly can
Hide in the park nearby
And into the bushes you dive

Escape, did you? So you think,
Safe you think you are,
In the dak shadows of the bushes you hide
And your childhood fears are gone

And so I strike from behind you,
You try to scream but can't
The life in you has drained away
And your puny life is gone

Never think you're safe from us,
We are with you always
There is no one hiding in the darkness,
No one else but us

Copyright Crystal Luna 1998