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The Tear of Blood
by Crystal Luna

A single tear rolls down my cheek
No more, just one red tear from me
I mourn my love dead and gone
I mourn the dead with the Tear of Blood

The Tombstone standing grey and tall
On the grave of my love till all time's gone
An angel weeping the loss of another life
Weeping tears of stone for my love

I place a rose on the Grave of my love
One single rose for the love that's gone
One rose, one love, one tear, no fear
All is one yet all is gone

The grey stone at night turns black
In the Day it stays grey, not black
My love's name shimmers in gold
A single tear of blood turns cold

Black clouds gather in the Sky once blue
Even the Sky weeps for my love, for you
Raindrops, the Tears of Gods, they fall
No color in the Rain, only one tear of blood

Midnight comes, I light a candle for my love
A red candle like a red tear for my love now gone
Still the Tear of Blood stays on my cheek
Only one tear I weep for all eternity

The Moon watches over the Grave at night
In the Darkness lies my love now dead and gone
The Moon weeps for my lost love, hiding in the clouds of black
The Red Tear mourns my loss, the Tear of Blood

Mourning at the Graveyard all night
Mourning my love now gone
See my Hurt, see my Pain
All this ill-feeling incarnated in the Rain

The Tear of Blood, cried for you, my love
This is how I weep for you
These are the tears I cry for you each night
One red tear in the moonlight

The Tear of Blood for you, my love, now gone
Sleep well, morning comes, I must part
My Tear of Blood, one is all
The last gift for you, my love now gone

Every night I return to you, my love
Each night one tear cries for you, that's all
My Haunting, my Eternity, to weep one tear in infinity
The Tear of Blood for my love now gone

This is the Tear I cry for you each night
This is how I mourn for you every night

Copyright Crystal Luna 1998