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by Crystal Luna

In the summer night
You held me so tight
Close to you, oh, so close

You spoke with words of passion
Of love and compassion
Sweet words, oh, too sweet

In the moonlight we made love
Our only watcher was the white dove
You told me you would never leave

You spoke words of love
Words of neverending love
But they were lies, all lies
And you knew, so did I
But I wished they were true

The next day you were gone
I lay in the forest
Naked in the morning sun
I didn't miss you
I didn't want you back
All I wanted was something else

I knew we'd meet again, some day, some way
I didn't need to hunt you down, you came to me
You thought everything was fine
You thought I loved you
But, you see, I never did

You came close, tried to kiss me
Your smile like the sun rising
I took you to the forest
Where we had made love
You tried to kiss me again
I didn't let you

Your smile left you
But you still couldn't see
You thought I loved you
But I never did, you see

I pressed you to the ground
And kissed you farewell
From my busom a dagger fell
You saw it not, but you have always been blind
I cut your throut open
Now forever shall you smile
That smile of a man who uses women all his life

Because of what you did to me
You are now gone
Remember this in your next life
Never confess false love

For you see this is your doom
To die by my dagger for the lies you told
I never loved you and you never loved me
T'was only one night
Making passionate love in the moonlight
But you should not have lied

In the end revenge is mine.

Copyright Crystal Luna 1998