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These sounds have been stolen from different sites on the Net. I have acknowledged some on the bottom of this page (or at least I will do so in the near future). All of the sounds are in .Wav format.

Lord Rayden: "You have been chose to defen the realm of Earth in a tournament called Mortal Kombat." (chosen.wav)
Lord Rayden: "Exactly!"(exactly.wav)
Lord Rayden: "The faith of billions will depend upon you *chuckle*" (faith.wav)
Lord Rayden: "I don't think so!" (rayden.wav)
Lord Rayden: "Mortal Kombat" (mrtlkmbt.wav)

Lord Rayden: "You have been chosen to defend the realm of Earth in a tournament called Mortal Kombat" *followed by a bit of the main theme - this is an excellent sound to use as your Windows start sound* (start.wav)

Shang Tsung: "Let Mortal Kombat begin!" (begin.wav)
Shang Tsung: "It has begun!" (begun.wav)
Shang Tsung: "You disappoint me... Not very wise." (disappoint.wav)
Shang Tsung: "The Emperor will not tolerate failure.... and neither will I." (failure.wav)
Shang Tsung: "Fatality!" (fatality.wav)
Shang Tsung: "You imbecile!" (imbecile.wav)
Shang Tsung: "I will take care of this impudent mortal myself." (impudent.wav)
Shang Tsung: "Tresure these moments... as if they were your last..." (moments.wav)
Shang Tsung: "You killed her partner, didn't you... She'll follow you into hell." (partner.wav)
Shang Tsung: "Scorpion and Sub Zero. Deadliest of enemies but slaves under my power." (slaves.wav)
Shang Tsung: "Your soul is mine!" (soul.wav)
Shang Tsung: "And now hor a taste of things to come" (tocome.wav)
Shang Tsung (?): "Flawless victory!" (victory.wav)
Shang Tsung: "I can see into your soul; You... will... die!" (willdie.wav)

Johnny Cage: "This is where you fall down" (falldown.wav)

Sonya Blade: "A handfull of people on a leaky boat are gonna save the world"
Lord Rayden: "Exactly" (leakyboat.wav)

Scorpion: "Get over here" (overhere.wav)
Scorpion: "Welcome!" (welcome.wav)

Goro: "This puny mortal will be no problem. I'll crush him with one blow." (crush.wav)
Goro: "Time to die" (timetodie.wav)

Liu's grandfather: "Lord Rayden" (mortalkombat.wav)

The Emperor: "You weak pathetic fools! I've come for your souls!" (weak.wav)

MORTAL KOMBAT!!! (mortalkombat.wav)

Mortal Kombat theme *full version* (mksong.wav !1.80 MB!) This file is at The Kingdom MK
Mortal Kombat main theme MID version (MortalKombat.mid)


Most Shang Tsung soundbytes from:
The Tagawa Forum

Some Lord Rayden soundbytes from:
^Rayden's Real

Mortal Kombat (the movie) is a New Line Cinema presentation.
Mortal Kombat and the Mortal Kombat dragon logo are trademarks of Midway Manufacturing Company. When I made this page I wasn't doing it for financial reasons and I do not receive any kind of payment for this page whatsoever. All the images and sounds have been hunted down and stolen from various places in the InterNet. I do not have any kind of permission to use any images or sounds and I apologize for any and all copyright infringements I have caused.
This page is for the surfers' pleasure only and the only credit I wish for myself is the credit of loving this movie to bits.

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