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The game is over... Now the real Kombat begins!

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Mortal Kombat, the Tournament with the highest stakes; your life and the fate of Earth.
Mortal Kombat started as a computer game but in 1995 the battle hit the silver screen. The movie was no. 1 in USA for three weeks in the summer of 1995.
The plot; a few mortals fight for their Realm in the ultimate combat. If they fail Earth will lose and the Emperor will take over. Liu Kang, Johhny Cage and Sonya Blade must rescue Earth from a fate worst than destruction; slavery. There are two Immortals helping them in their quest; princess Kitana, the Emperor's adopted daughter and Lord Rayden, the god of Thunder and Lightning and the Protector of the Realm of Earth.




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Temple of Light


Lord Rayden; I don't think so!

Shang Tsung; Your soul is mine!

Lord Rayden - Christopher Lambert
Shang Tsung - Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
Liu Kang - Robin Shou
Kitana - Talisa Soto
Johhny Cage - Linden Ashby
Sonya Blabe - Bridgette Wilson
Kano - Trevor Goddard
Scorpion - Chris Casamassa
Scorpion voice - Ed Boon
Sub-Zero - François Petit
Reptile - Keith Cooke
Art Lean - Kenneth Edwards
Grandfather - Lloyd Kino
Chan - Steven Ho
Jaxx - Gregory McKinney
Master Boyd - Peter Jason
Chief Priest - John Fujioka
Fighting Monk - Hakim Alston
Assistant Director - Daniel Haggard
Director - Sandy Helberg
Singer at Techno Club - Mikal Moore
Singer at Techno Club - Brice Stephens

Goro Creature Effects - Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff Jr.
Goro voice - Gregory Paul Martin


Written by Kevin Droney
Director - Paul Anderson
Casting - Fern Champion and Mark Paladini
Editor - Martin Hunter
Costume Designer - Ha Nguyen
Executive Producer - Robert Engelman
Executive Producer - Danny Simon
Associate Producer - Lauri Apelian
Associate Producer - Alison Savitch
Produced by Lawrence Kasanoff

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